Typesetting is the process of laying out the content of the book on to pages, ready for printing. A well-executed book layout helps in providing a pleasurable reading experience.

Writing a book takes a lot of planning, hard work, and a lot of time, so the interior formatting and design should express the love and effort you dedicated to complete it. The size of the interior text, the font used, and how the pages are laid out all have a direct impact on a reader’s experience with your book. Although many authors and self-publishers don’t give much thought on their published work’s formatting, most book readers have longstanding reading habits or a preference for consistency when it comes to text layout.

I will format and layout the interior of your book so that it follows formatting conventions and accepted trade practices that help create a good-looking book.

I will design the first chapter of your book and submit it to you for review. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback on elements, such as the fonts chosen, the spacing between the lines, chapter heads and indents.

After you have approved the sample, I will proceed along the same lines with the rest of the book.

After the book is completed, you will have another opportunity to review the book in PDF format and point out any design corrections.

After all changes have been incorporated, a high resolution PDF version of the book will be prepared and will be send to you.

Whether it's a novel, an autobiography, a poetry, a crime drama, a business or non-fiction book full of tables and images, I can make the interior of your book look beautiful. There are some examples of my typesetting work below...


  • 10 INR/page (Outside India $0.3/page) for plain text books.
  • 15 INR/page (Outside India $0.6/page) for text with multiple level headings and/or fewer than 20 illustrations, photographs and tables.
  • 20 INR/page (Outside India $0.8/page) for text with multiple level headings with more than 20 illustrations, photographs and tables.
I can work to reduced rates for regular clients.

I require the edited manuscript (usually a word doc), the book size (dimensions), title, author name, publication info (copyright etc.) and logo if necessary. Many printing companies working groups of 8 or 16 pages (eg. 160, 176, 192, 208 etc...)

Rates are included with 2 corrections round. For heavily edited textual changes (more than 100 corrections) or more than 2 revises would be charged. Normally, I receive 50-80 corrections in a 200-250 pages book. It's better that I receive the edited, proofed document at the beginning of typesetting because changes affect the design and pagination.

Rates are per book page, not per page of manuscript.