Hello! I'm Satendra Singh, a complete solution provider of Publishing. I'm a freelance book Typesetter, eBook and Cover Designer with over 10 year’s experience and a passion for producing good-looking books, I'm available worldwide. I've typeset over 1500 books. I can take your book from a concept to a reality at a pace that suits you and with professionalism, flexibility and ease. I believe that each project is unique and never use templates or a 'one size fits all' approach. My rates are transparent, with no hidden costs. I've worked with a range of clients, from large publishing houses to small publishers and self-published authors and can provide an efficient no-nonsense turnaround or a more guided approach, depending on your own experience or requirements.


Typesetting is the process of laying out the content of the book on to pages, ready for printing. A well-executed book layout helps in providing a pleasurable reading experience. Writing a book takes a lot of planning, hard work, and a lot of time, so the interior formatting and design should express the love and effort you dedicated to complete it. The size of the interior text, the font used...
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The fast and growing use of electronic devices make the world "Digital", even the knowledge has gone digital. Digitization helps user to work easier, quick responsive, with more accuracy and easy to accessible. Electronic publishing of books is a major development that is quickly causing changes in the industry. eBooks are great way to get your work to the masses through readers like...
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Since a book is judged by its cover, an attractive front and an informative back cover, which capture the essence of the content within, go a long way in enhancing the saleability of a book. It’s a fact that a book is judged by its cover within 5 seconds, and won’t be picked up unless it appeals to the viewer. You’ll have the benefit of knowing your book cover will be designed by...
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